Rank Tracker Plugin: Is It Worth the Funds?

As a full-time online marketing I am constantly looking for tools to make my work more effective. rank tracker api ‘ve several jobs online; however, affiliate marketing is exactly where I make many of the cash of mine. WordPress has become by far my personal favorite platform to build sites and landing pages. It’s simply the simplest and most affective platform to advertise with. I have tried a huge selection of various plugins and there are several I really like. There’s a few plugins that might help you to dominate in the major search engines. One of my favorite plugins is Rank Tracker. In this particular article I am going to explain why anyone marketing online with WordPress websites should look at the advantages of this plugin.


Rank tracker is one of my favorite WordPress plugins because of the valuable info that it provides. As any marketer knows online advertising and marketing is really about Keywords. Knowing what keywords are driving traffic is critical to any marketing effort.

Rank Tracker keeps track of what keywords your traffic is using to find the site of yours. It keeps an eye on the keywords used and actually emails them to help you each day. It also lets you know where each key phrase is ranking in the major search engines. This’s invaluable information for SEO. Throughout a few weeks the user will create a listing of what keywords are now driving traffic to their website.

Benefits of Rank Tracker

When you understand what keywords are getting use to find the site of yours; you will be ready to make use of those keywords to market your site effectively. Sometimes you will find that keywords you are concentrating on are simple not sandals that are driving traffic to the site of yours. Other times you are going to find new keywords to focus on.


As with many WordPress plugins Rank Tracker takes minutes to set up and configure. You simple configure it to what yahoo you want to concentrate on and add the email you would like the notifications to be delivered to. It does not get less complicated than that.


The price of Rank Tracker is minimal. You can purchase this tool for about $30.


I really love this system. Naturally, it does not effective replace good upfront keyword research. You’d hypothetically go through a large number of possible keywords over a variety of months if you had been using a time and experience method.

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